I work with the "here and now", and not over-working the past. Using positive psychology principles to build on existing strengths and develop new ones, clients feel a sense of confidence and strength, rather than inventorying failures.


I view therapy as a learning process to change habitualized ways of thinking, reacting, and living.  I have always been fascinated with how habits are formed and retrained, and understanding habitualized thoughts, emotions and behaviors is at the root of how I work with a client.


I begin with traditional talk therapy.  Talking relies on verbal and auditory skills.  For people who are stronger in other senses, I use visual, tactile and concrete skills as well as the latest information on brain functioning called brain plasticity.  I find that talk therapy combined with effective teaching to be very successful.  Rapport has been shown to be more important than technique.  You will find that I am present, listening, and aware.  I create a safe place for people to change.


Change takes information, practice and time, but we change.




"The worst loneliness is being uncomfortable with yourself"


                                                                     ~Mark Twain